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About Our Trees

Got a question about our sumptuous trees? The answer should be here in the FAQ section below! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a ring on 0203 384 9420.

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose my own tree?

Only if you visit one of our stores. To find your nearest store please click here.

What size trees do you sell?

3ft to 60ft. For trees over 12ft tall please contact us or call 0203 384 9420

Do Pines and Needles do wholesale?

Yes, we certainly do. Please contact us or call our office on 0203 384 9420 for more details.

We want to buy a 12ft+ tree from one of your sites. Is this possible?

Pines and Needles do sell, deliver, install and decorate large trees. We can go all the way up to 60ft. All the stores usually have trees up to 12ft. Trees over 12ft aren't usually available at our stores so you'll need to call our office and make prior arrangements with our staff.

When are your stores open?

Most of the stores will open at weekends only in the last 2 weeks of November and then every day in December until the 23rd. Opening dates and hours will vary so please check before visiting. To confirm if the site closest to you is open please check here.

Are you open on Christmas Eve?

Yes we are, though certain stores maybe closed. Please check here.

What size stand do I need for my tree?

- Small cinco stand - ideal for 3-4ft trees, dimensions: 3inch x 11inch, capacity: 3 litres
- Medium cinco stand - ideal for 5-7ft trees, dimensions: 5.5inch x 14.5inch, capacity: 4 litres.
- Large cinco stand - ideal for 8-12ft trees, dimensions: 6inch x 19inch, capacity: 7 litres
- Extra Large cinco stand - ideal for trees up to 13ft, but is not recommended for outdoor use
- Medium civic stand - this is ideal for 15ft trees, kept indoors
- Large civic stand - this is for 20ft-30ft kept indoors or outdoors; as well as 15ft trees kept outdoors

How wide will the girth of my tree be at the widest point?

The general rule is that the girth at the widest point of most Christmas trees is a little less than half its height. For example, a 6ft tree is approximately 2.9ft at it's widest point.

I have a coupon code. How do I use it?

On our product pages you will see on the bottom of the right column "Claim A Coupon". There you will find a box to enter the coupon code. Alternatively, when you click on Cart at the top of the page you can enter the coupon code in the box (and edit the contents of your cart) before confirming the order and visiting the checkout.

I have a question about collections / recycling

Please refer to our Christmas tree collections page.

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