Classic Decorated Christmas Trees

Classic Decorated Christmas Tree
Classic Decorated Christmas Tree
Dark Blue Gold Classic Decoration Set
Gold Black Classic Decoration Set
Gold Bronze Festive Decoration Set
Gold Purple Classic Decoration Set
Gold Silver Classic Decoration Set
Red White Classic Decoration Set
Silver Light Blue Classic Decoration Set
Silver Pink Classic Decoration Set
Silver Purple Classic Decoration Set
Silver White Classic Decoration Set

Decorate with style using a mix of textures for a stunning effect. This set features a colourful combination of baubles & luxury glass decorations. Choose from 66 different possible colour schemes to suit your desired theme. Whether destined for the office or your home, these trees feel thoroughly charming.

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5/5 stars with us since '13 everything went really well - the team was professional .. They did have a trouble to find the place we are based at a new added postcode some satnav is not showing it .... but they did handle it great.. called, asked, always with a smile.. really good.. The tree is beautiful and they decorated it very nicely and been so helpful.thank you Dec '15
5/5 stars with us since '15 Thanks for the beautiful tree which looks absolutely magical after Nick and Alessia's transformation! They were both lovely and so friendly. Nick gave me lots of tips on how to decorate the tree and even let me get involved. Thank you again for everything! Dec '15
5/5 stars with us since '09 Great experience! Nick picked a perfect looking tree and he and Alessia were very pleasant and efficient. Dec '15
5/5 stars with us since '14 a pleasure to spend money with you - I was carefully listened to, every effort made to give me what i wanted, and to make me feel special - Trish was warm friendly and chatty and efficient. And I know the product will be perfect! Thank you Nov '15

The Classic Decoration Pack Includes:

Shatterproof Baubles
Luxury Glass Baubles
Star shaped Tree Topper
Ornament Hooks

Choose one or two of these opulent colours to craft your theme:

Light Blue
Dark Blue

The following delivery options will be available at checkout

Delivery - to your home or office
Installation* - safely securing the tree in it's stand
Light Installation* - safely securing the tree in it's stand and lighting it up
Decoration* our team of professional (and kilted) decorators will work their magic on your tree
Removal* - we remove and recycle your tree after you have finished with it

* Certain services are limited to London

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Hopefully that won’t happen, however if it does, we stock beautiful luxury glass decorations every year both singular or in smaller packages so you can replace them.  But don’t forget we have a team who are willing to take your decorations down for you, then you won’t run the risk of breaking any of them.

2 years ago, P. Needles

Absolutely! We know Christmas can be a busy time in a work place, our job is to make it less stressful for you and your colleagues.


2 years ago, P. Needles

This package will give you a nice mixture of decorations including, shatterproof and luxury glass baubles. As well as your baubles you will receive, picks, poinsettias, ribbons and bows.Not forgetting of course your star tree topper.


2 years ago, P. Needles

If there is something else from our selection of decorations that tickles your fancy, of course add it to your basket and our team can use it to decorate your tree.


2 years ago, P. Needles

The stand isn’t included in the price because most of our customers purchased a stand from us years ago, and they’re still going strong. Fear not, we have stands in stock if you wish to purchase one. 

2 years ago, P. Needles

No. We don’t charge our customers for lights if they already have their own, because most of our customers have been with us for years. But we can supply all your Christmas needs, tailored to your requirements. If your Christmas tree lights have stopped working or the thought of rummaging through old boxes in the attic doesn’t appeal then you can purchase lights at the checkout.


2 years ago, P. Needles

Yes, no matter which package you decide on, you will receive a beautiful star for the top of your tree.

2 years ago, P. Needles

Yes, we can decorate inside you home as well as your garden. The design will be customised to your personal preference.

2 years ago, P. Needles
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