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Our range of Decorated Trees

London customers don't have to lift a finger, our experts do it all for you, on-premise, in a style of your choice.


I'm looking to have a tree in an open courtyard this year, for the duration of the festive period. Can you advise my best option? Will it need a large stand?

Either the Nordman Fir or the Norway Spruce are suitable for outdoor use. For safety reasons we recommend erecting your tree in a Civic stand when it is situated outdoors.

Are the lights included?

No. We don’t charge our customers for lights if they already have their own, because most of our customers have been with us for years. But we can supply all your Christmas needs, tailored to your requirements. If your Christmas tree lights have stopped working or the thought of rummaging through old boxes in the attic doesn’t appeal then you can purchase lights at the checkout.

I already have decorations, can somebody still decorate my tree?

Of course! All you need to do is chose the tree you'd like, add any lights or whatever you may need then once you get to the checkout simply select the driver, install and decorate option.

Do I get to keep everything at the end of Christmas?

Yes, you can keep everything that you buy, except your tree of course, which we are happy to collect and recycle for your once Christmas is over.

How many decorations will I get with this service?

The amount of decorations you get as a part of your package is entirely dependant on the size tree you purchase. Don’t worry we won't decorate a 8ft tree with the same amount of decorations as we’d use for a 4ft.

Can we get this service at my work place?

Absolutely! We know Christmas can be a busy time in a work place, our job is to make it less stressful for you and your colleagues.

Is there a stand included in this service?

The stand isn’t included in the price because most of our customers purchased a stand from us years ago, and they’re still going strong. Fear not, we have stands in stock if you wish to purchase one.

I have small children running around, which would be the best package for me?

Many of our customers have small children, for those customers we often recommend the festive decoration package. The festive decoration pack contains all shatterproof decorations, perfect for excited children! However if this isn't an issue, why not treat yourself to the deluxe decoration package.

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