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Our Decoration Sets

We offer 3 ranges of decoration sets to suit any budget. Available in variety of colours for trees of all sizes.

Create the perfect festive look with this cheerful collection of decorations carefully chosen by hand in the right quantities for your chosen size of tree. With 66 possible colour combinations to choose from we are certain you will find what you're looking for.

Available in a variety of colours

Decorate with style using a mix of textures for a stunning effect. This set features a colourful combination of baubles & luxury glass decorations. Choose from 66 different possible colour schemes to suit your desired theme whether destined for the office or your home.

Available in a variety of colours

Our Deluxe tree is an altogether more opulent affair and comes with a stunning collection of premium decorations. Evoke that luxurious look with our deluxe decoration set combining opulent jewelled decorations and classic additions.

Available in a variety of colours
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