British Christmas Tree Farms

British Christmas Tree Farms

22 Jul , 2019
Our research says British Christmas Tree Farms are best. Where did we get this idea from? It was our customers. Constantly asking us where they came from and then being grateful when they were told. All our trees come from our own farm in Scotland. As our business did grow - we imported, Danish Christmas Trees are wonderful, Rumanian, Bulgarian, Norweigan Christmas Trees are all delightful.  However, UK customers just prefer to have UK grown Christmas Trees. This makes Pines and Needles perfectly placed to supply the London market. In the early 2000's an intensive planting programme was initiated. From 2012 that really took off and we've hardly had to import any Christmas Trees since.


Benefits of British Christmas Tree Farms

  • Greener - less transportation, most farms replant their Christmas Trees, so the real environmental impact is in the distance Christmas Trees have to travel to reach their customers.
  • Employment - local communities thrive on local jobs and we might add, exciting outdoor jobs at that, whether it's driving our big tractors or emptying a warehouse, every day is different on a Christmas Tree Farm
  • Cheaper - less transportation does mean fewer costs and more importantly more flexibility, we can actually only cut down what we need when we need it.
The long-held view that imported Christmas Trees are cheaper or that mass production on 50,000-acre farms in far off places is more economical or cheaper for the customer just simply is not the case any longer and I'd invite you the buyer and beneficiary of the Christmas Trees to comment below if you can disagree with this.  Our blog is, after all, a place for discussion, even if it can be a bit controversial.


Pines and Needles Christmas Tree Farm

Our farm is in Scotland near Inverness and we employ 30 people all year round on around 2000 acres.  Running our own warehouse and Christmas Stores means we employ anything up to a further 100  people over the season. Have a look at our employment opportunities if you would like to work for us.

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