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3ft Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce Foliage
Norway Spruce Plantation

Pines and Needles are pleased to present from their cut Norway Spruce catalogue, this 3ft Norway Spruce. A traditional style Christmas tree such as this cannot fail to please with its wonderful aroma and rich colouring.

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You will probably recognise our Norway Spruce as the traditional Victorian Christmas Tree. They have a lovely fragrance, dense foliage and rich colouring.

They are ideal for use outside, as it should be noted that their needles are quite prickly and do drop quickly in an indoor environment..

For best results when indoors these cut Norway Spruce trees should be kept in water-holding stands and water levels checked regularly. Also try to position away from hot radiators and other heat sources.

We recommend having them delivered after 18 December to minimise needle dropping.

Trees of these sizes are available for delivery, installation and decoration across London, and dropped off across the UK. All our trees are guaranteed premium quality and we will beat any like for like price.


In our opinion, nothing beats the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. The Nordman Fir and the Fraser Fir each have a lovely scent but it is quite subtle, unlike their more fragile cousin, the Norway Spruce, which has a beautiful strong fragrance. 

3 years ago, P. Needles

Christmas Tree HeightOur trees are measured to half way up the leader (the large central stem at the top of the tree) rather than to the tip, ensuring you get excellent value for money. For more information, see our Quality Guarantee.

3 years ago, P. Needles

These guys are not recommended for the indoors, unless you get them delivered late in the season. They have a great Christmassy scent but they are very fragile and like to live outdoors.


3 years ago, P. Needles

Our quality guarantee means that if you don't like the tree you receive we will replace it, no questions asked (you just need to tell the driver or notify us on the day). What we recommend you do is add your specific requirements to the notes when you checkout. That way the whole team (from our staff who hand-pick trees during dispatch to the driver who delivers your tree) knows your preferences and will do their best to pick the tree that is right for you.

Alternatively you can visit one of our stores and choose from a huge selection of trees (some offer a local delivery service in the evenings of limited availability).

3 years ago, D. Gowers

Despite what people may think, a real tree is actually better for the environment than an artificial tree.  Firstly real trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air as they grow, as well as providing a habitat for wildlife. Secondly, an artificial tree is usually made from non recyclable plastic, which will sit in landfills for years and years once it has been thrown out.

3 years ago, P. Needles

The Nordman Fir has a lovely smell, but the Norway Spruce has a stronger Christmas scent.

3 years ago, C. Hugo

With real Christmas trees, we advise that the width usually tends to be around 1/2 and 1/3 of the height of the tree, however the taller the tree the closer the 1/3 size.

3 years ago, P. Needles

Your tree should be watered as frequently as you see the water level drop - just keep it topped up. That stand isn't included, but we recommend you add one of our water-holding stands to your order.

5 years ago, y. yvonne
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