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200 LED Warm Battery Time Lights
200 LED Warm Battery Time Lights
200 Battery Warm White LEDs Image

Add a warming glow to your home or garden with these multi action time lights suitable for use indoors & outdoors. Great for use year round with battery operation.

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Product Specification
200 LED Bulbs / Bulb Span 19.9m / 0.3m cable from battery to first LED / 10cm Bulb Spacing / 6hrs on & 18hrs off / Timer Function & Multi Action Controller : 1.COMBINATION 2.STEADY ON 3.IN WAVE 4. TWIN-LIGHT CHASING 5.IN WAVE/TWINKLE FLASHING 6.SLO-GLO 7.STEPPING ON 8.SLOW-FADE / Waterproof Battery Compartment (Batteries not included)
Timer Lights
Warm White
30 - 50

LED Christmas lights emit less heat than traditional Christmas lights, making them safer in your home. LED Christmas lights also have a lower energy consumption, making them more eco-friendly

3 years ago, P. Needles

Have no fear we sell connectable lights where you can link together multiple sets to get up to 5000 lights, all from one plug socket. These are perfect for large outdoor trees.


3 years ago, P. Needles

The most obvious choice for outdoor lights would be either solar powered, or battery operated lights. However most of our lights can to be used outside, providing you keep the power source safely indoors.

3 years ago, P. Needles

Yes, all of our lights feature many settings including flash and static modes (except interconnectable lights).


3 years ago, P. Needles

This is another benefit of using LED lights, unlike fairy lights, if one one bulb goes out the rest of your bulbs are still safe and will stay illuminated.

3 years ago, P. Needles

Warm white lights have a more yellow/golden tint to them than the ice white lights which have a colder white appearance. For Christmas trees with a red/gold colour scheme we would recommend to use the warm white lights as for trees using a silver colour scheme we more advise to use the ice whites.


3 years ago, P. Needles
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