Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

Pines and Needles are delighted to present to you our range of Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees.

Non-drop Christmas Trees. Real Christmas Trees Delivered In London And Uk

If you are looking for the perfect tree this Christmas, then this is it. Since the early nineties, the Nordmann Fir have become the nations favourite Christmas companion. And it's no wonder with their beautiful shape, bushy appearance and excellent needle retention.

The soft needles are not as prickly as other tree varieties, so are ideal Christmas trees if you have small children or pets. They are also the ideal indoor trees as they can survive in warmer environments much better than the Norway Spruce, earning them the reputation of the non-drop tree.

If you like to order your tree early, the Nordmann Fir will suit your needs better than the Spruce, which will start to drop its needles very quickly when it is indoors. The Nordmann Fir can last four to six weeks in good condition indoors, but if in a hot or dry environment it may droop or discolour earlier. We recommend using a water holding stand to maximize the life of your tree.