Potted Fraser Fir Trees

Potted Christmas Tree, Non-drop Christmas Trees Delivered

Pines and Needles are pleased to offer you our pot grown Fraser Fir trees. We are so confident that you will be delighted with your real Christmas tree that we will guarantee it! If you are not, we will replace it!

These beautiful Christmas trees have not been chopped down, they are still alive and growing in their pots roots intact. Consequently, as long as they are watered regularly and not kept too hot, they will stay healthy and attractive well past Christmas and potentially for several Christmases to come.

The Fraser Fir has very similar foliage to the Nordmann Fir (Britain’s most popular non-drop Christmas tree) in that it has soft needles. These trees also produce a mild fruity aroma, giving that great Christmas smell!

When Christmas is over, you can simply put them in your garden where they may grow to use again for the next Christmas festivities.

When these trees are harvested the roots that have grown through the pot are severed leaving the main root system intact. The tree is not re-potted so we recommend that you place the plastic growers pot in a display pot or vase. The growing pots have drainage holes so we strongly recommend using a drip tray beneath the pot to prevent water leakage when you water your tree.