Pines and Needles will deliver Christmas trees, stands, fairy lights, Christmas decorations, wreaths and garlands to at a time that you choose. It's the ultimate in Christmas convenience. At Pines and Needles it’s guaranteed we have a Christmas Tree to suit all tastes and requirements. Choose from the traditional smell and shape of a Norway Spruce, the great needle retention of the Nordman Fir (often called the non-drop Christmas Tree), or the bushiness of the Potted Fraser Fir for those who prefer a living tree. Alternatively select an artificial tree from our great range if you don’t want to vacuum any needles at all. Our trees start at 3 feet tall and go up to an enormous 20-30 feet! Pines and Needles are experts in installing large Christmas trees especially for outdoors. Just call our friendly customer service team who can quote for bespoke orders. We also have Christmas Tree shops throughout London.